Complaint Management Policy

Our Complaint Management System
We accept your complaints, suggestions and satisfaction feedbacks as one of the most fundamental opportunities of our corporate development and approach with this belief.
Within the framework of our Quality Policy, we evaluate and finalize all your requests by adhering to our "customer first" oriented approach.

How can you forward your complaints to us?
When you have a complaint, you can forward your complaint to us by one of the methods we have mentioned below.

• By connecting to our Customer Representatives at 0(850) 202 20 20 during working hours,
• By visiting the Solution Center page on our corporate website,
• By faxing to our numbers (0212) 355 64 64 for Türkiye Sigorta, (0212) 310 39 99 for Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik,
• By sending an e-mail to for Türkiye Sigorta, for Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik,
• By sending a mail to our Head Office or Customer Services, Address: Levent Mah. Çayır Çimen Street No:7 34330 Levent-Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL

What happens after you submit your complaint request?
We will immediately process your complaint request and record it in our system according to its subject.
We will respond that we have processed your request and try to understand your expectation from us for your satisfaction.
Regardless of the subject, we evaluate all your complaints transparently and objectively, considering your satisfaction, and inform you by solving them.

What happens after your complaint process is complete?
In order to improve our processes and service quality, we measure all our resulting complaints and satisfaction survey scores, we plan every stage of our services with the focus of customer satisfaction and work accordingly, thanks to our resulting complaints.