Disclosure Policy


It is adopted as a principle that our Company's partners, employees, stakeholders, public institutions and therefore all stakeholders should access information about the Company in a full, equal, transparent, accurate, timely and understandable manner.

In order to explain the company's past performance, non-trade secret information and strategies and goals, an Disclosure Policy is established within the framework of the Circular of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance on Corporate Governance Principles in Insurance Companies and Reinsurance Companies and Pension Companies, the Regulation on the Principles Related to the Establishment and Activities of Pension Mutual Funds and other principles related to public disclosure contained in the Ministry of Treasury and Finance


The Disclosure Policy is enforced upon approval by the Board of Directors, presented for the approval of the General Assembly, and publicly disclosed. The Board of Directors is authorized to modify the text of the Policy, and revisions to be made are presented for the approval of the General Assembly, and publicly disclosed.


Information tools include Company website, information society services, financial reports, Trade Registry Newspaper Decals, press releases, newsletters, meetings and social media announcements.

The information tools and methods are explained in detail below. 

a. Company Website

Our Company's www.turkiyehayatemeklilik.com.tr English Turkish and partial English versions of the corporate website are available at the address of the company. The website is actively used for information and public disclosure. Care is taken to keep the website up to date continuously.

The corporate website features the sections “About Us”, “Investor Relations”, “Human Resources” “Sustainability”, “Disclosure” and “Help Center” sections, “Our Products” include “Participation Insurance” and “Online Services” insurance areas and online services sections.

“About Us” section includes general information about the Company, Company vision, mission and values, Board of Directors and Senior Management resumes, while commercials, radio spots and campaign announcements, where as Human Resources section includes, employee profiles, human resources practices and career opportunities, in the Communication section, there are customer contact information, Head Office, Regional Sales Offices, agency, contact information and contracted institutions and application forms.

The Investor Relations section contains the partnership structure, trade registry information, affiliate information, the date and number of trade registry newspapers where the articles of association and amendments to the articles of association were published, the corporate governance compliance report, information about the board of directors committee and its members, and various policies. In addition, annual reports, financial statements and footnotes for the last five years, independent audit reports are included. For communication with investor relations investor.relations@turkiyehayatemeklilik.com.tr the e-mail address is reported on the website.

b. Disclosure Society Services

Disclosure about the Company on the companies information portal (e-Company) of the Central Registry Agency (CRA) is accessed in the information section of the company's website under the heading of Information Society Services, and all stakeholders are informed. The Disclosure on the relevant portal is kept up to date by Investor Relations.

c. Financial Reports

Financial reports are a set of reports consisting of quarterly financial statements, footnotes, annual reports of the board of directors and statements of responsibility. Financial reports are approved by the audit committee, the General Manager and the managers responsible for financial reporting of our Company by the Board of Directors with a statement of responsibility and a compliance opinion.

Annual Activity Reports are prepared at least two weeks before the General Assembly meeting in accordance with the legislation. After the approval of the annual activity report at the General Assembly meeting, the report is sent to the SEDDK and published on the website of our company. The last five annual financial reports are published on the Company's website.

All information, including statistical data requested by the Insurance Association of Turkey, Insurance Information and Supervision Center, SEDDK and other official institutions and Company partners, is prepared by the responsible units and transmitted in a timely, accurate and complete manner. Data sharing is carried out within the framework of an information confidentiality agreement with the companies from which the service is received.

d. Promulgations in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette

Persons authorized to represent and bind the company, the company's capital increase decision and any amendments to the articles of association are registered with the Trade Registry and announced in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette. The Registration of the Trade Registry and the Newspaper announcement are announced to the public through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and other relevant legislation.

e. Press Releases, Bulletins and Conferences


Press releases or press conferences can be held to inform the public about the company's developments, operating results, targets and performance, and developments in the sector. Press releases, press releases and press conferences made to the written, visual and digital media are the responsibility of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Manager and other officials deemed appropriate by the said persons. Press activities and social media announcements are carried out by the Corporate Communications and Brand Management Directorate. A copy of the announced press releases is kept up-to-date on the website.

The news about the company published by the media organs are followed through the media monitoring agency. In case of encountering a non-factual news about the company, the Corporate Communications and Brand Management Directorate and the Investor Relations Directorate evaluate the situation and make the necessary explanation.

f. Other Notifications

Notifications other than those mentioned above are signed within the powers determined by the Company's signature circular and disclosed to the relevant institutions or the public.


He may not express any opinion due to the fact that the news and rumors published in the press about the company are the subject of speculation. If it is decided to make a statement about the issue later, the statement will be made and the statement will be included on the Company's website.