Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy

Türkiye Sigorta adopts the principle of providing equality and diversity in the implementation of each of its activities to all its employees in its workplaces. It aims to protect all employees against all forms of unfair and unlawful discrimination in a safe and stimulating workplace.

All employees, especially senior management, managers, those who lead employees, and all employees involved in human resources management practices such as recruitment, are responsible for adopting and implementing this policy.

Türkiye Sigorta is guided by the Labor Law, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Türkiye is a party, and the basic principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO). It makes the necessary efforts to fulfill the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and international agreements to which Türkiye is a party.

In this context, Türkiye Sigorta;

  • Not to discriminate based on language, race, color, gender, disability, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect and similar reasons in business relationships,
  • To offer equal opportunities and rights to its employees based on ethical principles, to not tolerate discrimination in these matters, and to take the necessary measures against treatments that may lead to violation of equal opportunities and rights,
  • To provide the necessary physical facilities for disabled employees to work efficiently,
  • Adopting an approach focused on experience, competence and performance in recruitment and promotion processes,
  • Ensuring that all employees benefit from training opportunities and encouraging them to improve their knowledge and skills by providing the necessary training on their rights and obligations, equality and diversity,
  • To observe the principles of inclusivity and equality for employees in all human resources practices,
  • To take necessary measures to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees,
  • To create a working environment where equality and labor peace prevail,
  • To provide fair compensation regarding the risks assumed and the responsibilities taken,
  • To prevent employees from being deliberately and systematically humiliated, belittled, excluded, damaged by their personality and reputation, subjected to ill-treatment, and the implementation of intimidation policies by their superiors, equals or subordinates,
  • Making decisions regardless of employees' differences,
  • In order to ensure the practices sustainability, undertakes to review them periodically.


Türkiye Sigorta aims to create a cultural environment for its employees where they can express all their opinions and suggestions openly and freely. Employees can forward any complaints to the Ethics Committee. Complaints of employees are listened to with devotion, based on the principle of internal confidentiality within the company, and necessary measures are taken.

Employees submit ideas and suggestions that can increase the value of the Company through the suggestion platforms established by the Company. The company evaluates these suggestions and encourages work to be carried out to implement them.

The company stays away from forced labor and child labor practices that are prohibited by the laws in force and the international agreements to which Türkiye is a party, and also carries out its activities in compliance with the ILO conventions that Türkiye has signed. Türkiye Sigorta has regulated the rights and obligations of employees regarding the determination of service conditions and working procedures and principles in the Human Resources Regulation.

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy entered into force with the approval of the Board of Directors dated 26.12.2023. The implementation of this policy and its revision in line with needs are under the responsibility of the Corporate Governance Committee and the Assistant General Manager responsible for Human Resources.