Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship Policy

Taking its name from its power; leading the growth of the share of insurance in the financial sector and increasing the contribution of the sector to the economy by developing; Setting out with the goal of branding in the international arena as well, Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik promises to fulfill its promise to its country not only with its commercial activities but also with what it contributes to social life.

The responsibility and wide coverage given by the name of Turkey also offers a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for social responsibility and sponsorship activities, which are important pillars of corporate reputation management.

However, each project in which Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik will take part must undoubtedly be compatible with the institution's reason for existence, its culture, and the policies and principles it has adopted.

On the other hand, considering the limits of basic resources, namely 'financial assets, time and manpower'; Selection of projects in the fields of social responsibility and sponsorship by evaluating the strategic priorities of our country, as well as the extent of their contribution to the mission, vision and goals of Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik; It is important for the correct, effective and efficient use of all these resources.

The principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship policy of Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik established within this framework are detailed below.

As Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik, we would like to emphasize that we oversee the adoption of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship policies and principles, which we have published, by all Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik and our stakeholders, and to ensure that practices in related fields are carried out in accordance with these policies and principles.

General Principles:

Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik

By saying 'my country and my people first'; It prioritizes the highest benefit of its country and nation in the projects it undertakes and contributes to.

It takes ethical values as reference in the management of business, relationship and communication processes and considers respect for these values indispensable.

It adopts the principles of openness, transparency and accountability as a requirement of its corporate governance approach; requires its stakeholders in the projects it will be involved in to adopt this approach.

Respects and protects the right to life of all living things, along with universal human rights; does not support any project, initiative or discourse that may violate these rights.


It rejects all kinds of discrimination, especially religion, language, race and gender; operates its corporate processes in order to develop and secure the sensitivity of its employees in this regard.

Sensitive to gender justice; against discrimination against women. Within the framework of company policies, supporting the career development of women employees and women's employment are among the issues that they prioritize.

It aims to create a positive impact on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues and to continuously improve its performance in this field with its works.

It takes the initiative to protect the environment and nature. By using the opportunities offered by technology, it works to keep its carbon footprint at a minimum level and by encouraging its employees to contribute to this process; supports.

It attaches importance to increasing the participation of the disadvantaged segments of the society in economic and social life; sees contributing to a disability-free life as its responsibility.

In the perspective of the country;

Turkey's needs and priorities in the fields of economic, social and cultural development are also among the priorities of Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik.

Consistent with the promise of being a pioneer in the digital space; aims to contribute to the support of the country's technology breakthroughs and initiatives.

In particular, it considers technology-based R&D studies in the fields of health and education, which are the top priority issues in the society.

It prioritizes supporting institutions/teams/persons representing the name of Turkey in international sports, arts, academia and science platforms that will add value to the reputation perception of our country brand.

It is ready to take its part in protecting Turkey's cultural and natural heritage and transferring it to future generations.

In the perspective of the sector;

To support the projects for the growth and development of the insurance sector in our country with its leading identity in the sector; is willing to take an active part in projects compatible with these goals.

Thanks to its corporate power, it introduces innovative approaches that will pave the way for the sector and inspire innovations.

It leads and/or takes part in projects in this direction aiming to increase awareness and interest in insurance among the general public and to develop insurance literacy, which is of strategic importance for the present and future of the country's economy.