Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where was Türkiye Sigorta established?
Türkiye Sigorta, formerly Güneş Sigorta,  was established on 17 September 1957 in Istanbul. Latterly, the Company was name as Türkiye Sigorta on 31 August 2020, when three insurance companies merged within the structure of Güneş Sigorta.

In which field does Türkiye Sigorta operate?
In the field of non-life insurance; provides services in fire and natural disasters, marine, watercraft, watercraft liability, land vehicles, land vehicles liability, accident, aircraft, aircraft liability, general damages, general liability, legal protection, credit, sickness/health and financial losses branches.

What is the shareholding structure of Türkiye Sigorta?
You can find information about the shareholding structure of our company from the Company General Information PDP (Public Disclosure Platform) Page on the PDP company page or from the Partnership Structure link on the Company's corporate page

When was Türkiye Sigorta opened to the public? Where can I find information about shares?
Our company went public in 1994. Information about the company's shares can be found in the Info About Stocks link

What is the paid-up capital of Türkiye Sigorta?
The paid-in capital of our company is 1,161,523,363- (One billion hundred and sixty-one million five hundred twenty-three thousand three hundred and sixty-three) TL.

Who is the board of directors of Türkiye Sigorta?
You can reach the chairman, vice chairman and members of the board of directors of our company from the Board of Directors link.

Which periods does Türkiye Sigorta's financial period cover?
The financial period is between January 1 and December 31.

In which periods are Türkiye Sigorta's Financial Results announced?
Financial results of our company are announced quarterly (end of March - June - September - December) and are audited independently in June and December end periods.

How can I access Türkiye Sigorta's Financial Information?
You can access the financial statements of our Company for the last 5 years and quarters from the Financial Statements link or from the Company Disclosure PDP Page.

When will the General Assembly meeting of Türkiye Sigorta be held?
You can find the most recently announced general meeting date of the company here

How can I access the minutes of the General Assembly meeting organized by Türkiye Sigorta?
You can find the minutes of the General Assembly meeting here

How can I reach the announcements and news about Türkiye Sigorta?
You can find it from the Material Event Disclosures or Announcements link.

Who can Turkey Sigorta investors call for questions?
The investor relations department from the Investor Relations Contact link.