Our Management Approach

  • We attach importance to the participation of all our stakeholders in the process while determining our prioritized issues within the scope of our corporate sustainability system.
  • As Türkiye Sigorta, we accept that we must also consider our environmental, social, economic and economic impact in order to achieve sustainability transformation.
  • Türkiye Sigorta adopts a holistic approach and improves its monitoring program by adding environmental and governance implications to the social and economic impact we create.
  • Within the scope of our 6 capital-based management approach (integrated management approach), we use the AA 1000 Standard in stakeholder management practices.
  • In this context, we act with the guidance of the global stakeholder engagement standard, which is widely applied around the world, by determining its prioritized issues and in all our interactions with the society.
  • As Türkiye Sigorta, we implement the processes recommended by this standard when evaluating, designing and implementing our integrated approach to stakeholder engagement.
  • The use of this standard allows us to communicate fairly and accurately with our stakeholders and the public about all our efforts to improve our ESG management system, particularly in the 2021 Sustainability reporting process.