Human Resources Policy

In order to realize the company's goals and strategic objectives; It is aimed to employ the employees needed, to provide a working environment that will increase performance and productivity, to reward achievements, to support career plans with training and development programs.

In line with this policy ;

  • Recruitment procedures are regulated within the framework of the principle of providing equal opportunities to candidates under equal conditions.
  • The wages and benefits of employees are determined by considering the wage level in the market.
  • All the rights provided to employees are clearly regulated in the Human Resources Regulation and every employee who meets the specified conditions benefits from these rights without discrimination.
  • Regular trainings are organized in order to improve the professional knowledge and competencies of the employees.
  • Safe working environment and conditions in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation are provided for employees.
  • The personal data of the employees are carefully stored within the framework of the criteria specified in the KVK Law.