Gender Equality Policy

Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik pursues social benefits for gender equality and women's empowerment within the scope of sustainable and inclusive insurance, with the understanding of providing solutions for the need for security at every moment of life for everyone who dreams of a bright future and using its power for good. In this regard, it supports national and international collaborations and takes actions to develop projects regarding women's empowerment.

It adopts the ideas of strengthening the socio-economic position of women, ensuring equality between men and women in social life, increasing women's employment and women's business initiatives and providing equal pay for equal work in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and social development goals.

This policy document has been prepared in accordance with the Company's Human Rights and Employee Rights Policy, which focuses on the Company's goals of promoting diversity, equality and inclusion and eliminating all kinds of discrimination, especially gender-based discrimination.

In this context, Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik;

  • To ensure balance in terms of gender equality among employees by giving importance to equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace,
  • Selection of language appropriate to gender equality as company communication,
  • To raise awareness among employees about gender equality and inclusivity in business life,
  • Improving the corporate culture with a suggestion and feedback mechanism through gender equality practices of all employees,
  • In company applications; To carry out transparent mechanisms in accordance with the perspective of equal opportunities regarding recruitment, career development, promotion, training, work-life balance, remuneration and fringe benefits,
  • To implement corporate social responsibility activities that support gender equality,
  • To establish collaborations and partnerships with institutions and organizations related to gender equality in order to eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women,
  • To improve the health conditions of women by developing products within the scope of responsible insurance,
  • Supporting women's participation in the workforce and their business initiatives,
  • To eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women,
  • Reviewing relevant processes periodically


Gender Equality Policy entered into force with the approval of the Board of Directors dated 26.12.2023. The implementation of this policy and its revision in line with needs are under the responsibility of the Corporate Governance Committee and the Assistant General Manager responsible for Human Resources.