Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik,
Our company activities; We aim to reduce the negative effects it may cause on the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and to increase its positive effects.
In accordance with this purpose:

1. Use of natural resources:
To reduce energy consumption and to ensure sustainable resource use by using all natural resources, especially water resources, in the most efficient way,

2. To prevent environmental pollution and protect the natural balance:
To prevent pollution by reducing and monitoring the amount of waste arising from all our processes, to recycle our waste, to include life cycle analysis and approach in our processes; limiting greenhouse gas emissions in line with science-based goals, protecting biodiversity,

3. To prevent occupational and environmental accidents and to protect health:
To take preventive activities with a proactive approach in order to prevent incidents and accidents that may cause deterioration of the health of our personnel and / or pollution of the environment due to work-related processes, and to adopt the Company's goals, to eliminate dangers in the management of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety issues in all our processes, to adopt a risk-based approach,

4. Compliance with legal and other requirements (Compliance Obligations)
To fulfill the requirements of laws related to Environment, Occupational Health and Safety; from our customers, staff, neighbors and other interested parties and stakeholders we include; Evaluating and implementing future demands and expectations on quality, environment, occupational health and safety and periodically evaluating compliance,

5. Communication, education and awareness:
To inform all our staff about Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, to create a culture of safety and make it a lifestyle, to raise awareness, to carry out training activities to increase awareness, to determine appropriate communication methods and to ensure the participation of the relevant parties and stakeholders. Carrying out activities to raise awareness about the Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety,

6. Continuous improvement:
It is one of our basic principles by constantly taking corrective actions to achieve targets that will improve Environment, Occupational Health and Safety performance and provide a healthy and safe environment that will not cause undesirable events.
In order to achieve this, we undertake to carry out and continuously improve our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management System with all our personnel.

Our policy has been communicated to all personnel via e-mail, posted on online communication boards and common areas, and made available to all our stakeholders.

This Policy enters into force with the approval of the General Manager.

The General Manager executes the provisions of this Policy.