Share Buyback Policy

In order to protect the shareholders and to contribute to the stability and consistent formation of the share price, the Board of Directors takes a decision to carry out the processes of purchasing its own shares or taking them as pledges.

The process of share repurchase and disposal of repurchased shares, is carried out within the framework Article 22 of the Capital Markets Law and Communiqué on Repurchased Shares of the Capital Markets Board (II-22.1) and the Capital Markets Board's announcement dated 21.07.2016, 25.07.2016 and 23.03.2020.

While the share buyback process is carried out with or without the program, it is essential to inform the public about the developments. It is announced on the Public Disclosure Platform with the form and similar documents included in the Capital Markets Board regulations.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the share buyback policy. The policy becomes effective, after being approved by the Board of Directors, the policy is submitted for the approval of the General Assembly and published on the Company's website.