Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy of the company has been determined as “creating a sustainable competitive structure with highly satisfied employees who are loyal to the institution by implementing a performance-based fair and objective wage system that will ensure efficient and effective management of human resources”.


Turkey Hayat Emeklilik's remuneration system is aimed to be objective, easy to understand and easily applicable, in line with the organizational structure, based on personal performance with position-based job valuations..

All our employees are paid in line with the business value of the task they perform. While providing this, “Remuneration Matrices” describing the business value of the tasks are taken as basis. There are salary scales with minimum and maximum values for all tasks. Employees are paid within the relevant salary scales according to their experience and performance.

Based on the “preferability in the market” as part of the Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik Remuneration Policy, Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik fees are compared with the fees paid for the equivalent position in the market. For wage comparison, if necessary, the reports of companies/institutions that conduct reliable wage research published in Turkey can be used.

In general, Collective Bargaining Agreements are made in 2-year periods. The effective start date of the Collective Bargaining Agreement made with the authorized Workers' Union in our company is May 1, 2021, and the end date is December 31, 2023. The wage increases of the employees are determined by taking into account the current economic conditions, the rate of increase in the minimum wage, the consumer price index announced by TURKSTAT, current market data and internal balance.

The personnel rights of the unionized personnel working in our company are determined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the personnel rights of the non-unionized personnel are determined by the Human Resources Regulation..

Bonus; All of the personnel working in the main staff of our company are paid bonuses over 4 gross wages in a calendar year. Bonus periods consist of 4 periods: March bonus period (January-February-March), June bonus period (April-May-June), September bonus period (July-August-September) and December bonus period (October-November-December).


Social Aid and Supports; Meal Assistance, Road Assistance, Moving Assistance, Fuel Assistance, Nursery Assistance, Internal Trainer Assistance, Risk Engineering Compensation, Foreign Language Compensation, Actuarial Compensation, Birth Assistance, Death Assistance, Marriage Assistance, Natural Disaster Assistance, Social assistance and support payments are made under the name of Employer BES Contribution, Group Private Health Insurance and Group Life Insurance.


To Senior Managers; The payment is made on the gross salary, and a total of 4 bonus payments are made quarterly on the gross wages in each calendar year. In addition, senior managers also benefit from the social assistance and support that other staff in the main staff benefit from in the same way.


To the Members of the Board of Directors; Attendance payments determined by the General Assembly are made on a monthly basis.

In line with the strategic goals of the company, it aims to determine the rights and responsibilities of the employees within the legal framework by creating a fair, reliable and objective remuneration system in order to recruit and retain employees with the required qualifications, loyal to the organization and highly motivated.