Sustainability Policy

In 2021, we initiated a review study to understand how our insurance operations are affected by global sustainability results and to improve our company's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. As a result of these analyzes, including the first determinations regarding the transition from a single-capital business model to a 6-capital business model, we have implemented our new sustainability vision: Insurance for positive impact.


In line with this vision, our commitments are:

1. We aim to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in order to positively improve our impact on ESG issues.

2. We develop our dialogue with company investors on the relevance of ESG issues to company strategy.

3. We develop a monitoring system to evaluate the ESG results of our portfolio. We integrate ESG issues into decision-making processes on risk management, insurance and capital adequacy.

4. We do not fund activities that are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the conventions and national legislation to which Turkey is a party.

5. We integrate our ESG priorities into our investment and purchasing decisions.

6. As we have outlined in our Code of Ethical Principles, we avoid behaviors that may lead to ethnic, political and religious discrimination while performing the duties of our employees.

7. Our Gift Acceptance Rules are regulated within the scope of the Ethical Principles Regulation. Our employees working in Purchasing, Finance, Sales, Internal Systems and auditing roles cannot accept gifts offered by institutions and individuals with whom we have business relations; unconditional returns.

8. We support regulatory measures and policies that reduce risk. We collaborate with regulators to improve integrated risk management.

9. We collaborate with non-governmental organizations to better understand and manage ESG issues.

Our Corporate Sustainability Policy is reviewed once a year by the Sustainability Working Group. Realizations regarding the annual targets determined within the scope of our policy are monitored by the Sustainability Working Group on a monthly basis and reported to the Board of Directors twice a year in semi-annual periods.

Due to the nature of our insurance business, we calculate risks and manage them on behalf of all our stakeholders, creating value in their lives. Environmental and social externalities have a significant impact on our industry. With the increase in exposure to environmental and social risks in the world and in our country, a transformation is taking place in the insurance sector.