Donation and Aid Policy

The Company realizes all donations and aids in accordance with the Company's vision, mission and policies, without violating the Capital Markets Board's disguised earnings transfer regulations, and in a manner that does not hinder its own purpose and subject, by observing the Company's ethical principles.

The total limit of donations to be made within each accounting period is determined at the General Assembly.

The conditions for making a material event disclosure regarding donations and aids made by the company are as follows:

1. The amount of each donation and aid made must be at least 1% or more of the last balance sheet assets disclosed to the public,

2. The amount of each of the donations and aids made is below 1% of the last balance sheet asset total, and the total of these donations and aids reaches at least 1% of the last balance sheet asset total disclosed to the public,

In the event of a special case, necessary explanations are made.

The company informs the shareholders about all donations and aids and policy changes made during each accounting period with a separate agenda item at the General Assembly Meeting of the relevant year and discloses them to the public in the annual report.

 Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik (“Company”), provided that it adheres to the provisions of the legislation, to individuals, non-governmental organizations, associations or foundations operating in the fields of education, culture, arts, environment and sports with a corporate social responsibility understanding, without being limited to those listed in the sixth paragraph of Article 5 of the Articles of Association. can make aid and donations to schools, universities, public institutions and organizations.