Corporate Communication Management Policy


The principles we base on while managing corporate communication processes at Türkiye Sigorta are as follows:

Before all our internal and external stakeholders; It is our top priority to protect and improve the reputation of our corporate brand, which bears the great responsibility of the name 'Turkey'.

In this direction, we consider corporate communication processes as a basic management function, just like finance, IT or human resources.

By shaping our corporate communication strategy in line with the reason for existence, vision, mission and values of 'Türkiye Sigorta'; we construct our wide ecosystem in the perspective of an inclusive stakeholder approach that comprehends holistically.

We act with a planning that aligns the different disciplines of communication (PR, advertising, digital and social media management, etc.) in line with the roof strategy and related common goals.

It handles corporate communication as multidimensional and layered; by diversifying our communication channels with the principle of '360 degrees' in a way that will deliver our messages to our target audience and stakeholders in the most effective way; we enrich.

In the light of the principle of 'If you can't measure, don't do it!'; It also creates the performance indicators of the targets we set within the scope of corporate communication; We regularly monitor, measure and report the results we achieve with our activities.



With the awareness that in order for our corporate communication strategy to be successful, it must first be compatible with the reason for existence, vision, mission and values of Türkiye Sigorta, we shape both the communication management processes and the content and channels that promote our corporate brand to the outside world in a way that reflects the distinctive character of our corporation.

2. Stakeholder:

We have direct or indirect contact with our stakeholders in our communication and relationship management activities; One-way (transmission of messages originating from the institution) or two-way (joint projects, collaborations, 3rd party support, sponsorships, etc.) communication and parties with which we are in relationship.

With an inclusive approach as a primary part of reputation management; We attach importance to proactively being present in channels through which we can reach our entire stakeholder universe, to establish a 'bidirectional-symmetrical' communication model between us and our stakeholders, and to undertake 'win-win' based, innovative cooperation projects to further enlarge our existing ecosystem.

The implementation of these projects with a 'sustainable' approach is another critical point.

3. Sustainability in communication:

We believe that sustainability is one of the basic concepts in successful communication management.

In this direction; The 10 key indicators that we refer to in the framework of 'Sustainable Communication' are as follows:

Managing communication with a 'strategic' approach, not a 'tactical' approach (a 'SMART' approach that is compatible with and supports our business strategies),

Having the ability to change and transform (flexibility) according to the conditions of the country, sector and market,

Keeping two-way communication channels open and diversifying with our stakeholders,

Ensuring the participation and determination of the management in the communication processes,



Expertise and professionalism,

Target-oriented and effective budget management,

Creating a regular research, measurement, evaluation and reporting system,

Harmony and integrity with all units/functions of our institution…

4. 360 degree integration:

In the wide ecosystem that we have, covering the inside and outside of the company, the communication channel or channels (direct contact, our internal communication channels, our news in the traditional media, our advertisements, our website, our social media accounts) are the most effective and accessible to our target audience and each stakeholder group. , etc.) and creating the right mix are important for the success of our communication efforts.

Customizing the channels through which we, as Türkiye Sigorta, will reach our national/regional/local/international stakeholders, according to each audience; therefore, diversification of communication channels and tools is our main priority in achieving our goals.

In this direction, the compatibility of the diversified communication channels with our main strategy aiming to contribute to our corporate brand reputation; At the same time, we oversee its management with a 360-degree perspective so that it has a common communication tone, language and message integrity.



The main topics of our corporate communication policy, which we have adopted and internalized as Türkiye Sigorta, are as follows:

Compliance: We carry out all our communication activities in accordance with the laws, especially the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the CMB regulations as a public company and the regulations specific to the sector we are affiliated with.

Responsibility: We consider the benefits of all our stakeholders, especially the public, in our events, collaborations, sponsorships and social responsibility projects; We act with a high sense of responsibility.

Sensitivity: As an institution with high sensitivity towards the national and moral sensitivities of the society; In all our communication activities, we take our steps by considering these sensitivities.

Inclusiveness: Without discrimination based on visible or invisible reasons such as gender, religion, sect, race, marital status, political opinion, disability, social class difference, philosophical belief; we adopt the principle of inclusiveness in all our work.

Accuracy: We confirm the accuracy of all information, data and analyzes we share with our internal and external stakeholders; We do not use any information that cannot be based on research, reports or concrete documents in our communication.

Respect: Respects intellectual property rights; When we use works produced by third parties and institutions, we comply with copyrights. In addition, by strictly adhering to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data; We show great respect for the privacy and confidentiality of private life.

Care: In all channels and channels we use within the scope of our communication activities, Türkiye Sigorta takes care to avoid language and expressions that may harm the brand reputation; At the same time, we refrain from using discourses and images that offend individuals and institutions, and from behaviors such as accusing or targeting.